Why Sort When You Can Sac?

Your laundry just got a lot easier! Socksacs are the fast, fun, & colorful way to get your families socks washed, Dried, and yes sorted in one smart and easy system. Completely bleachable, and uniquely designed, our socksacs are a families must have.

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Let Sock Sacs make your life easier

Sock Sacs...

  • Eliminate sorting
  • Keep clothes together
  • Can be washed AND DRIED
  • Made from high quality material
  • Are double stitched for a long life
  • BIG (about the size of a large pizza)
  • Come in a variety of colors

Go From This...

Don't Sort Your Laundry

To This...

Sack Your Laundry

Three Easy Steps

  • 1 Each familiy member gets a Sock Sac.
  • 2 Instead of tossing their dirty clothes in a hamper (or on the floor) throw them in the Sock Sac.
  • 3 On laundry day just throw all the Soc Sacks in the washer and dryer.

What Our Customers Think

  • It used to take me hours to sort my family's socks and underwear. Using socksacs there is no sorting, matching, or losing. This is one of the biggest timesavers I have ever used! What a fantastic idea, kudos to your husband! - Joyce P.
  • I just had a baby and my mom bought a set of socksacs for my family. I haven't lost a baby sock yet and they are wonderful for his bibs and onesies! Thanks, - Rosa J.
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Why Sock Sacs?

Socksacs were created/designed by MSgt Cathy A. George, USAF The approach Cathy took was trial and error. From square bags to round? Why? Simple sock had shown the tendency to ball up in the corners. From lighter mesh to a more athletic grade mesh, these were going to withstand hundreds of washing with or without bleach. And the last smart part of her design was zippers, who wants to put 5 bags with drawstrings in their washing machine? Zippers were of course a no brainer, however we did have to think a little after every zipper we tested came open in the washer/dryer, and that was when we put in a ever so clever snap to hold the zipper closed! And wha-lah you have socksacs. Oh! One last thing, socksacs will help teach your little ones responsibilities, yes they will have to put their socks in, mom/dad washes them, gives them back and they dump their socksac out, match up their socks and put them back into the dresser! What can we say, we wanted our kids being more responsible for themselves.

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